Writing Arcade Expressions

for ArcGIS Pro

Review the Table of Contents below and check my blog explaining what Arcade expressions are all about. When you purchase the book you can download the materials for the exercises with the link on this page.
IMPORTANT NOTE ... I updated this book on 8/23/2022 with new pages about the Arcade Element in pop-ups. If you bought the book prior to this date please e-mail me and I'll send you some updated pages!

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Table of Contents

Author’s Introduction

Chapter 1 – The Basics of Arcade Expressions

Arcade Profiles

Creating your first Arcade expression

Exercise 1 – Using attributes in a label expression

Chapter 2 – Using Arcade Functions

Placing functions in your expressions and managing the results

Formatting Text

Exercise 2 – Formatting the owner name data

Chapter 3 – Using Arcade in ArcGIS Online

Accessing the profiles in online web maps

Exercise 3 – Using Arcade online

The ArcGIS Online Arcade Expression Builder

Expanding the expression

Making a web map from a project

Exercise 4 – Making a web map with an Arcade Expression included

Chapter 4 – Building Custom Equations

Controlling symbology in a map with Arcade

Exercise 5 – Using an Arcade expression to set symbology

Controlling symbology in ArcGIS Online

Exercise 6 – Controlling symbology in online data

Chapter 5 – Using Logic in Arcade

The Arcade logic functions can be used to control the expression

Exercise 7 – Using the Iif() function in symbology

Multi-value logic statements

Exercise 8 – Building a When statement

Creating a user-defined function

More logic statements

Chapter 6 – Working With Dates

Setting up and formatting dates in your expressions

Exercise 9 – Writing date expressions

Using the Date() functions

Chapter 7 – Writing Geometry Functions

Arcade has specific code to handle geometry features directly

Exercise 10 – Working with the Area() function

Writing geometry analysis expressions in ArcGIS Online

Exercise 11 – Overlay analysis in AGOL

Checking topology conditions with Arcade

Exercise 12 – Geometry layer overlap condition

Building Array() and Dictionary() items

Working in the Arcade Playground

Exercise 13 – Testing code in the playground

Putting a dictionary to use

Rafael’s Challenge (Five Challenges)

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Download the Book Resources

You will need to download the file WritingArcadeExpressions.zip to work through the exercises in the book.

  1. Click the link above to open DropBox
  2. In the upper right of the DropBox window, click Download > Direct Download
  3. Your browser will begin downloading the file
  4. Create a new folder called GIS Guidebooks and unzip the file into that
  5. The new folder will contain all the book materials for the exercises