Our Approach

Our Approach

Keep the books around 150 pages - pack them full of great exercises, tips, and tricks - and sell them for under $50. That's what we're trying to do here with the GIS Guidebooks. We want it to be easy and affordable to keep up with the latest advances in GIS.

Our Story

Our Story

David has been writing books for some time - many of you may have started with his Tutorial series in school. But the way we learn about new advances and new techniques has changed. Instead of going through expensive workbooks just to get one or two new ideas, these targeted titles offer direct instruction on the newest parts of GIS.

Meet the Team

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David W. Allen, GISP

Lead Author

Having published 8 or 9 GIS titles over the years, not to mention updating all these books, this guy knows his stuff. Even better, his 19 years of teaching experience has given him great insights into how people learn at every level, and that shows in his simple explanations of complex topics.

The publishing world has changed, making it pretty easy to self-publish books. GIS Guidebooks publishes short, concentrated workbooks while maintaining the high quality that readers expect.

Over the years I have learned a LOT about editing, proofreading, doing layouts, and performing technical reviews ... and all that experience goes into each GIS Guidebooks title.

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