Building Web Maps and Apps with ArcGIS Online

for Disaster Response and other Critical Uses

Review the Table of Contents below to discover the things covered in this book. When you purchase the book you can download the materials for the exercises with the link on this page.


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Table of Contents

Author’s Introduction

Chapter 1 – Signing In to ArcGIS Online

Basics of your account

The ArcGIS Online Menus

Exercise 1a – Creating the Storage Framework

Chapter 2 - Basic ArcGIS Online Components

Feature Layers

Web Maps

Web Applications

Exercise 2a – Creating Items in a Content Folder

Chapter 3 – Adding and Creating in ArcGIS Online

The Living Atlas of the World

Exercise 3a – Using Data the Esri Living Atlas.

Sharing Data Through the Desktop Using ArcMap

Exercise 3b –Creating a Feature Layer from ArcMap

Sharing Data Through the Desktop Using ArcGIS Pro

Exercise 3c – Sharing Data Using ArcGIS Pro

Creating and Designing New Feature Layers in ArcGIS Online

Exercise 3d – Creating New Data in ArcGIS Online

Transferring Existing Data Into ArcGIS Online

Exercise 3e – Importing Existing Data

Chapter 4 – Organizing Your Data

Using Groups

Exercise 4a – Making a Group

Tagging and Categorizing Your Data

Exercise 4b – Setting Up Categories

Chapter 5 – Setting Up Web Data for Use

Layer Details

Exercise 5a – Examining the Layer’s Item Details

Setting Symbology in ArcGIS Online

Exercise 5b – Setting Up Visualization

Working with Templates

Exercise 5c – Configuring a Blank Template Layer

Symbology for Polygon Layers

Exercise 5d – Setting the Visualization for Polygons

Permissions and Security Settings

Exercise 5e – Setting Sharing parameters

Chapter 6 – Making Web Maps

Making Web Maps with ArcGIS Pro

Exercise 6a – Sharing a AGP Project as a Web Map

Building a Web Map in ArcGIS Online

Exercise 6b – Build a New Web Map

Adding Charts to the Pop-ups

Exercise 6c – Making a Chart

Custom Expressions – Arcade

Exercise 6d – Using Custom Expressions in Charts

Chapter 7 – Data Collection Apps

Making Collection Apps

Exercise 7a – Making a Simple Form App

Introducing the QuickCapture App

Exercise 7b – Building a QuickCapture App

Using Survey 123 for Data Collection

Exercise 7c – Making a Survey from an Existing Feature Layer

Creating a Survey with the Web Designer

Exercise 7d – Create a Survey with the Online Tools

Making Surveys with 123 Connect

Exercise 7e – Make an ATC-45 Survey Using an XLSX File

Exercise 7f – Optional Options

Future Projects for Texas EGRT

Chapter 8 – Creating Web Apps

Web App Creation Methods

Esri Configurable Apps

Exercise 8a – Using Premade Templates

The Web AppBuilder

Exercise 8b – Build an App with Web AppBuilder

Chapter 9 – Operations Dashboards

Dashboard Layout

Exercise 9a – Building a Dashboard

The Web-based Dashboard Designer Beta

More Dashboard Elements

Exercise 9b – Dashboard Selectors

More Dashboard Selectors

Exercise 9c – Dashboard Number Selector

Exercise 9d - Dashboard Date Selectors

Chapter 10 – Displaying Multiple Web Apps


Exercise 10a – Building a Story Map CONOPS

Chapter 11 – Putting It All Together

Challenge Number 1– Tornado Damage Assessments with Survey 123

Challenge Number 2– Shelter Status Dashboard

Challenge Number 3– Regional Traffic Display

Challenge Number 4– QuickCapture Hazards App

Challenge Number 5– Texas Schools and Districts

Challenge Number 6 - CONOPS App

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  4. Create a new folder called GIS Guidebooks and unzip the file into that
  5. The new folder will contain all the book materials for the exercises