GIS Automation withModelBuilder

for ArcGIS Pro

Review the Table of Contents below for an idea of what this book covers. It's suitable for classroom use or independent study. When you purchase the book you can download the materials for the exercises with the link on this page.

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Table of Contents

Author’s Introduction

Introduction to Building Models
* Description of what a model is and what it can do
Basic Model Components
* Toolboxes
* Export / Package Models
* Model Elements – Input/Tools/Outputs
* Connecting Elements and Tools
* Run States
Ex 1 – Watch a Model in Action
* Run an existing video and watch how a model processes data
Building Models on the Model Canvas
* Introducing the Model Canvas
* Adding tools to the model
Ex 2 – Adding and Configuring Model Elements
* Use county boundary polygons to clip railroad lines
The ModelBuilder Menu
* Clipboard Area
* Model Area
* View Area
* Run Tools
* Insert Tools
Ex 3 – Using the Menu and the Model Canvas
* Create labels and group elements
Designing Functioning Models
Ex 4 – Design a Simple Model
* Develop an outline and build the model
* Select parcels within a distance of a well
* Explore table export formats
Using Variables in a Model
* Tool Variables
* Stand-Alone Variables
* Model Parameters
Ex 5 – Configuring Model Variables
* Create a stand-alone variables and model parameter
* Add a field and populate with county name
Using Variables as Tool Parameters
* Name Variables
* Variable Substitution
Ex 5a – In-line Variable Substitution
* Prompt the user for names and create a new geodatabase and feature dataset
Model Parameters and Environments
* Looking at Properties and Generating Reports
Ex 6 – Setting Model Properties
* Look at the model report and properties
Designing the Process Flow
* Non-linear Models
* Preconditions
* Repeating Model Processes with Iterators
Ex 7 - Iterate Files
* Use an iterator to process a folder containing raster files
More Iterators
* Iterators That Work On Features
Ex 8 – Iterating Through Features
* Iterate through county boundaries and count antenna features
Creating New Data with Iterators
* System Variables and In-line Substitution
Ex 9 – Creating New Files
* Building a model/sub-model tool
* Create output files using a system variable
Complex Iterators
* Controlling Number of Iterations with For and While Iterators
Ex 10 – Building a For Iterator
* The user defines increment values in a For iterator and selects wells within buffers
Ex 11 – Building a While Iterator
* Determine True and False for a While iterator
* Select all parcels within a block and assign block number
Process Branching
* Use If Logical Branches
* Merging Branches
* The Stop Tool
Ex 12 – Logic Tools in Models
* Examine models demonstrating each of the branching tools
Using Python in Models
* Design a Script in a Calculate Value Tool
Ex 13 – Creating a Python Script
* The model processes user input to determine results
Using Models in Tasks
Ex 14 – Calling a Model From a Task
* Run a task that calls a model as a geoprocessing tool

Rafael's Challenges – Addition model projects to build

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Instructor Resources

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