Necessary Options

The people at Esri that are developing ArcGIS Pro are constantly inundated with requests about specific functionality – just go look at the Esri Ideas page for proof.

“I HATE it when it always asks me to save changes – it should just do it”

“I HATE it when it automatically saves changes – it should always ask me permission”

“Why does it always default to meters when I want feet”

“Why does it always default to feet when I want meters”

So what’s the solution? You can’t please all the people all the time …

Instead, they programmed in a set of options so that you can customize Pro to your own liking. And recently this list of customizations have grown A LOT!! Just take a look at the list of options to set your editing environment:

What do all of these things do?? It would take a whole new book just to try and explain them all but smart people like you will figure them out, and the Pro Help has a cursory overview of all the options.

If there’s some aspect of Pro that’s bothering you, go browse through the Options page first. Chances are you’ll find a few customizations that will make your life easier!!