Designing and Building Tasks

in ArcGIS Pro

Review the Table of Contents below and check my blog explaining what tasks are. When you purchase the book you can download the materials for the exercises with the link on this page.

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Table of Contents

Author’s Introduction

Chapter 1  - The Mechanics of Tasks

Introduction to workflow and process automation – Tasks vs. Models

What makes a good task

Designing tasks

Components of a task

Steps in a task

Exercise 1 – Examine a task

Creating a new task

Exercise 2 – Creating a basic task

Rafael’s Dilemma – FM Transmission towers

Chapter 2 – Configuring steps

Explore more task options

Configuring Actions

Setting Addition Actions

Exercise 3 – Setting and Configuring Actions

Testing your task

Exercise 4— Test and modify the Disaster Analysis task

Extending Your Task

Exercise 5 – Setting additional task items

Rafael’s Dilemma – Refine the task

Chapter 3 – Combining Advanced Task Techniques

Exercise 6 – Feature Interaction

Chapter 4 - Combining Tasks and Models

Introduction to Models

Anatomy of a Model

Calling A Simple Model

Exercise 7 – Calling a Model From a Task

Combining A Model With A Task

Exercise 8 – Waterpark Workflow

Rafael’s Challenge 1

Rafael’s Challenge 2

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Download the Book Resources

You will need to download the file Designing to work through the exercises in the book.

  1. Click the link above to open DropBox
  2. In the upper right of the DropBox window, click Download > Direct Download
  3. Your browser will begin downloading the file
  4. Create a new folder called GIS Guidebooks and unzip the file into that
  5. The new folder will contain all the book materials for the exercises