Web Apps – you won’t believe what you can do!

I’ve done more than my fair share of web apps, and got really good with Survey 123 doing damage assessments after tornadoes and flood events. I’ve also done a few slick looking dashboards but when I started researching the book on the topic I learned a lot more about what can be done with the other tools – and even got some insider tips from some of the Esri developers. Then this Corona Virus thing hit and I would up not only seeing tons of web apps, but I helped write a bunch for Texas EGRT. That let me put a lot of what I learned to use. Things like Web AppBuilder lets you make a custom web app that does exactly what you decide … and the Operations Dashboards are almost ubiquitous in the disaster response world now. There was one done for global Covid-19 counts early on and we were joking about how many places it was popping up .. including Telemundo! A truly global app for a global response. What’s really fun is that now I know how to build any of the web apps and dashboards I’ve seen, and probably even improve on a few :). But even better is watching the common folks use apps you made and declaring them indispensable. Some of what I thought were pretty simple apps that we did for Texas EGRT were used by first responders to arrange delivery of PPE, used to manage the logistic of delivering food from the food banks to distribution points, used to track daily rate-of-rise of positive cases to determine which counties had stabilized, used to track testing sites, and lots of analysis took place that we weren’t even aware of. And all of this was done remotely without making a single trip to the EOC. If you practice making these, you can spin these up rather quickly and be the instant hero. But hey … these are good for non-disaster situations, too. I made a dashboard that tracks garage sales, showing their location and a list. The professional garage sale shoppers love that thing! So you can pop these up for any situation and make an impression. And remember to have fun with them.